Entrepreneurship Endurance: the Story of Rowdy Prebiotic Foods

When Kellie Lee set out to create a sustainable energy bar, unexpected obstacles awaited her.

The road to entrepreneurship is often a long, winding, and strenuous one.

For Kellie Lee, that metaphor is literal.

An avid outdoorist, Kellie goes the distance. She’s run over a dozen half marathons, one full marathon, an Iron Girl, and recently finished her first Half Ironman.

Kellie’s all-time favorite activity is backpacking the mountains with her husband. However, it was in the mountains that the Snickers bars first became a problem.

Kellie Lee Rowdy Bar
Kellie Lee, founder and CEO of Rowdy Prebiotic Foods.

If you’ve ever been around a husband (whether yours or someone else’s), you may notice that sometimes they make strange decisions. In Kellie’s case, her husband was convinced that Snickers bar were the perfect backpacking fuel.

Although Snickers are delicious, they’re highly glycemic, and may give the eater a sugar spike by creating insulin. Everything is fine and dandy, until the consumer’s energy spike crashes.

If that consumer is your husband, and you’re stranded out in the wilderness, you’ve got a problem. Naturally, as most wives would, Kellie held an intervention.

Climbing 14ers in Colorado
Kellie sought a recipe that would sustain energy for endurance based activities.

Kellie set out on a mission to create the perfect bar for sustainable energy- something low glycemic, that wouldn’t cause a energy spike followed by a crash. With low-glycemic foods, you’re ingesting at a lower rate, so you won’t experience that ugly sugar crash. Low-glycemic foods are a great fuel for high endurance workouts.

To add to the challenge, Kellie experienced health complications triggered by a low thyroid, which made her unnaturally lethargic and tired. She wanted the recipe to empower her to continue to eat clean and help her combat her health issues.

While researching ingredients, Kellie found that most health bars utilize brown rice syrup as their binding agent, which virtually acts the same as sugar. However, after further research, Kellie stumbled upon the ingredient game changer: the Yacón root.

Kellie Lee Hiking
After discovering the Yacón root, Rowdy Bar was born.

Sourced from South America, the Yacón root looks a lot like a sweet potato. This special binding ingredient increases energy, helps with appetite control, and aids in prebiotics.

Kellie explained, “A lot of people put so much focus on probiotic, which you need. However, you also need to feed that probiotic, so that the probiotic can do it’s job right.”

“The prebiotic is what feeds the probiotic. So that prebiotic is a little bit harder to get. If you’re not eating the right vegetables and roots, then you’re probably not getting enough prebiotics.”

Even after her bars were met with praise from friends, family, and fitness trainers, the best gratification was passing her husband’s taste test. Kellie told the story with a smile.

“My husband was raised on meat and potatoes. When I was making these bars, I knew they had to pass his taste test, because when it comes to healthy foods, he won’t eat them unless it tastes good. My husband doesn’t sugarcoat things, he tells me exactly what I need to hear. Once my bars passed his taste test, I knew they tasted like a million bucks.”

Kellie asserts that her health issues paired with community support helped make Rowdy Prebiotic Foods successful. Her vision is for her products to support digestive health so that people get back to doing what they love!

For more on Rowdy Prebiotic Foods, see their website here

What did you think about Kellie’s entrepreneurship journey? Leave a comment to let me know!

Until next time, Saludos Caminantes!

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