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I’m grateful for the car crash

Today started off with a bang. Literally. 

For once, I was running early to a meeting (ha!), and as I backed out of my driveway…

Well, let’s start from the beginning. You know those days when you can’t follow your own advice? That was me all week. I was distracted by this shiny thing, stressing about that over there- ooh and I need to reply to this text right now, hold on.

~Text break intermission, please return to blog post in 20-30 seconds.~

As I backed out of my driveway, caught up in the million things I had to do, my neighbor…

Well, my neighbor accidentally backed into my car.

Me upon impact.

My mind raced. What’s the damage?! Oh no, another thing to deal with today! I cannot deal with this!

We were moving at a whopping velocity of 2 miles per hour, so I predicted catastrophic damage. Luckily (thank God), neither of us was injured, and both cars were completely fine.

My neighbor slowly got out of his car. “I am 93 years old”, he mumbled. He rested his hands on my shoulders and apologized profusely. Both of us felt awful. I’m not going to lie, I cried like a baby.

If I had been present in the moment, we would have avoided that entire situation altogether. I would have looked across the street, noticed him, and let him back his car out first.

But now, I’m feeling really grateful for that car crash.

In the THREE YEARS that I’ve lived in my house, I never once walked across the street and introduced myself to my neighbors. I never once offered anything beyond a lazy wave.

Today, I learned how Hank, my neighbor, built the house across the street from me himself. He told me about how much he loved his wife, and they’ve been married for over 50 years. Hank and his wife enjoyed looking at the stickers on my car and dreaming about the places I’ve been.

It took a literal collision for me to snap out of my selfishness. Tomorrow will be different.

2 comments on “I’m grateful for the car crash

  1. Love this!! Crashes don’t always bring chaos.


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