Monday Nights with Alice Heiman

A tribute to the student entrepreneurship program at the University of Nevada, Reno.

I’m really going to miss sitting in class for 3 hours every Monday night.

Yep, you heard me right.

In my experience, most professors, when gifted 3 hours of class time, choose to dazzle and delight their students with Death By Powerpoint.

image (2)
Alice Heiman, poses with the book by one of our class guest speakers, Kevin Davis.

But class with Alice was a little different. Instead of the typical class format, for the past semester, our class developed real sales plans (and real results) for 5 different projects, sponsored by companies local to Northern Nevada. Our company projects ranged from a daycare in Carson City, Nevada, to a coalition of women fighting for the sisterhood of shred.

On a typical Monday with Alice, we’d spend the first hour hearing from a big name entrepreneur on sales strategy tactics such as developing your personal brand. A huge thanks goes to guest speakers Mario Martinez, Liz Heiman, Dianna Geairn, Joe Dutra, Jon Ferrara, Matt Benati, Tom Drews, Julie Hansen, Kevin Davis, and last but not least, Gabe Villamizar.

Alice Heiman ENT UNR
The entire class poses with X’s to promote the TEDx University of Nevada this January.

Typically we’d spend the last two hours hearing from Alice on a Sales Entrepreneurship topic. Then we’d actually engage with our fellow classmates to collaborate on our group projects (yes, that means talking to each other without phones).

Oh, and did I mention that Alice required all of her students to gain 100 more LinkedIn connections, and develop a personal brand throughout the semester?

By the end of the semester, our final project presentations reflected the progress made by each student in developing a sales plan for their customers.

So what do you think- would you bite on one of these student pitches? 

Creativity Corner- Daycare in Carson City, NV

Creativity Corner definitely took the cake for most creative presentation attire!

“During our open house, we got 7 parents to sign up on waiting list. On the tour, they found out what it would be like to join Creativity Corner.”

“You may think it’s crazy that there’s only one daycare center in the capital of Nevada, but that’s where the opportunity lies.”

BodyFly Fitness- Portable Workout Machines

The CEO of BodyFly Fitness demonstrates their gym equipment.

“Body Fly is working wherever you want, whenever you want. Reach your own goals in your own time.”

“Nowhere on the planet are they doing functional strength training using resistance machines.”

Coalition Snow- Ski & Snowboard Gear Made by Women, for Women

Alice Heiman shredding on Coalition Snow skis!

“They think we need a washed down version of men’s products. We create products that reflect the true capabilities of women.”

“We’re not selling a product. We’re selling a change.”

Patetta Media- Social Media Marketing Service

Patetta Media
Patteta Media in action in an Instagram Ad for Pack Apparel.

“The vision of this company is to give local businesses high quality leads through relationship based marketing.”

“We want companies to not have to worry about marketing. Let the dentist focus on being a dentist! We want local businesses to focus on what they do best.”

TEDx University of Nevada- Northern Nevada event bringing big ideas to the TED stage 

TEDx University of Nevada
TEDx University of Nevada worked to sell tickets to college students in Northern Nevada.

“Why live in a world that doesn’t inspire you? You’re looking for an opportunity to grow. We hear you. Here, you’re a part of something bigger than yourself.”

“We are the Northern Nevada stage for people that want to change the world. Our vision is to provide another link between the university and the community and inspire each other to be greater. Our voices will reach millions of people as we grow this event.”

And that’s a wrap. Don’t forget to leave a comment to wish Alice a Happy Birthday today!

4 comments on “Monday Nights with Alice Heiman

  1. Anisha Chedi

    Oh man, I am going to miss this class too! This is an awesome recap of the whole year! I wish you well with all your adventures Lexi!


    • Thanks Anisha! I can’t believe that I’m saying it but I’m really going to miss having a 3 hour class on Mondays. It was great to meet you in this class. Keep writing, I like reading what you write!!


  2. Nicely done Lexi. Look forward to the wonderful things you are doing


    • Hi Doug! It’s so nice to hear from you. Thanks for reading! I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Hope you’re well and enjoying the holidays with your family.


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