Microsoft Leads Tech in Northern Nevada, Sponsors TEDx University of Nevada

As Northern Nevada moves towards innovation in technology and manufacturing, we look up to the companies who led us from day one.

I’m excited to announce that I joined the TEDx University of Nevada team. This blog post was written by me, and was originally featured on our TEDx University of Nevada blog. To contact me for freelance writing, check out my Get Featured page. Now- back to the post! 

Northern Nevada policies benefiting manufacturing and business growth helped evolve Reno into a hub for technology corporations. The stellar quality of life, with plentiful outdoor opportunities for employees, is one of the many perks that intrigue businesses to relocate to Reno.

In fact, many companies recently packed their bags and set sail for Reno- creating new facilities and hiring thousands of new employees along the way.

However, we’d like to set the record straight regarding companies that recognized these qualities in Northern Nevada, years before the hype. One such company is Microsoft, which recently celebrated their 20-year anniversary of being located in Northern Nevada. Through community activism and evolving technology practices, Microsoft helped set the stage for more companies to do business in Northern Nevada.

Of course, a trailblazer like Microsoft is also a TEDx University of Nevada sponsor.

Microsoft’s Community Relations and Communications Manager, David Taylor, talked about his experience working in Northern Nevada. “Microsoft is fully invested in this community. In the past 5 years alone, we’ve given back more than 3 million dollars. Obviously, the business side is important, but here in Reno locally, giving back is what we bring to the table”, Taylor remarked.

Taylor’s role at Microsoft greatly involves him in the community. Taylor works with many nonprofit organizations throughout the year, and feels that no single day is alike. In addition to actively sponsoring the event, Taylor also volunteers his time with the TEDx University of Nevada event planning team.

David Taylor Microsoft
David Taylor from Microsoft poses with a red X, the symbol of the TEDx University of Nevada event.

As part of the team, Taylor most enjoys helping speakers craft their talks before they present to a live audience. “I got a ton out of preparing the speakers for the event last year. I saw their stories develop from their idea and then two months later, going out to a full audience. It’s awesome to watch ideas develop, and I learned a lot from their stories”, Taylor added.

Microsoft team members like David Taylor truly became an integral part of the annual TEDx University of Nevada event.

One of Taylor’s favorite speakers to work with alongside the TEDx University of Nevada team was Julia Picetti. After losing her daughter, Picetti led the effort to open the Jane Aubrey House, which is a recovery home for young women facing opiate addiction.

As a late addition to the speaker lineup, Picetti worked with the team to create her talk- starting only with a few jumbled ideas. For Taylor, watching Picetti evolve her talk into a polished message was an amazing process to be a part of.

Taylor explained, “I think the TEDx event in Reno provides a rich and unique experience unlike any other in the region. TEDx aligns very closely to Microsoft’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. It’s a thought leader. We share this opportunity with our team members here in Reno, as it’s one of those experiences that we can take learning from.”

We are honored to be sponsored by Northern Nevada community leaders such as Microsoft. For more information on becoming a TEDx University of Nevada sponsor, please contact Dr. Bret Simmons at or read more on the TEDx University of Nevada website here.

2 comments on “Microsoft Leads Tech in Northern Nevada, Sponsors TEDx University of Nevada

  1. They were definitely here before the hype. I remember going to Target in S. Reno as a kid and thinking, “Wow, Microsoft is here!” Wish I was in town for this TedX!


    • I think it’s so cool that Microsoft is so involved in the TEDx University of Nevada event yearly- one of our most involved sponsors. I wish you were going to be here for the event. Good thing that we will film it, so I will send you recommendations of some of my favorite talks!


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