Treat your network like a garden

Jon Ferrara of Nimble CRM shares how to leverage your network to reach your passion.

Jon Ferrara had a problem. While he was working as a salesperson, he had no way to gather his multitude of contacts into one platform. Sales is about helping people- so if you can’t even organize your people, you can’t serve them.

He couldn’t find a solution to his problem. So he built the solution himself, by founding GoldMine, the first-ever Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Jon later sold GoldMine to fully focus on raising his family. These days, you’ll see Jon’s name behind a new company: Nimble, the top-rated social sales and marketing CRM.

But there’s more to Jon Ferrara than his resume. At first glance, you might think that using a CRM is about staying behind the phone or computer screen. On the contrary, Jon believes that nothing can replace authentic human connection.

Here’s what Jon shared with my MBA class on channeling your network to find your purpose:


You’re here to help people grow.

“Every second of every day, we’re bombarded with information. We’re over-connected and over-communicated. Too many people live like this. But ultimately, I believe that your personal brand, which is your network, will help you achieve your passion and purpose in life.

“I sold my first company for over one hundred million dollars, and a year later, got a head tumor and almost died. From that journey, I learned that you’re here to help people grow.”

“Relationships aren’t a bunch of business cards or Facebook friends. They’re people you’ve taken time to nurture relationships with, so if those people needed you then they’d pick up the phone and call you.”

Brand is built on the promises that you make and the experiences you deliver.

“If you’re not standing out from your competition, you’re dead. Stop talking about yourself and stop talking about your products. Instead, tell people how you can make them smarter, better, and faster, because really people are only interested in themselves.”

“For people to get to know you, you’ve got to roll up your sleeves and open your heart. Stay at the top of your customer’s minds by giving knowledge away. When people bite on that content, you want to respond to them and engage with them. Brand is built on the promises you make and the experiences you deliver, align both of those and you can build your own GoldMine.”

Jon Ferrara
Jon Ferrara, founder of Nimble. Photo courtesy of Jon Ferrara.

“If you go through my social media profiles, you’ll see that I share content on a daily basis about how you might become better, smarter, faster. But you’ll also see things that I’m passionate about.”

Treat your network like a garden.

“Ultimately, your contacts are the heart of your business. Most businesses are islands of information with walls between departments, and none of this information is shared.”

Nimble logo
Nimble connects you to your people, because they are the heart of your business. Photo courtesy of Nimble.

“Nimble is a blend of social, sales and marketing. It unifies the contacts you’re connecting to into this rich network that maps the person’s background. It tells who they are, where they’re from, a smart summary, and history of interactions. It works inside Gmail, Office 365, and also works in all the social places that you work.”

“Relationships are critical to your professional success. Treat your network like a garden.”

A huge thank you to Jon Ferrara for inspiring this blog post. It’s been an honor to learn from you.

For more on Nimble, check out their website here, or connect with Jon Ferrara on Twitter and LinkedIn. If you’re interested in getting started with Nimble, here is a great quick-read for you from Nimble’s blog.

Until next time, Saludos Caminantes!

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