What Drives TEDx: Dolan Auto Group

Dolan Auto Group is changing what it means to be in the auto industry through community involvement in Northern Nevada.

I’m excited to announce that I joined the TEDx University of Nevada team. This blog post was written by me, and was originally featured on our TEDx University of Nevada blog. To contact me for freelance writing, check out my Get Featured page. Now- back to the post! 

At TEDx University of Nevada, we pay special attention to companies who drive our community forward through their exemplary leadership. One such company is Dolan Auto Group– a family run business in Reno, Nevada. Dolan Auto Group (Dolan) has been supporting TEDx University of Nevada (TEDx) as a sponsor since our annual event started back in 2013.

So what makes Dolan one of the most innovative business leaders in our Northern Nevada community?

We sat down with their Community Outreach Coordinator, Ashton Hutton, to find out.

For Ashton, one of the highlights of working at Dolan is making a difference to local schools through the Dolan School Upgrade Project. Ashton feels that working at Dolan is different every single day as they are so involved in community events in Reno. “We are constantly pushing the limits on what it looks like to be involved in the community”, said Ashton.

“I thought I couldn’t do anything good for our community unless I was working for a nonprofit. I love nonprofits and I think they do amazing work. But I was wrong in thinking that way. Here I am, working for a large business, but it’s a local company. And that’s the difference. We help nonprofits with what they do and give them resources.”

At this year’s TEDx event, we will hear from executive business leaders on what their company does differently.

Like many of our speakers, Dolan believes in continually improving the way they do business. One way that they innovate is with a modernized pay structure for their employees.

Imagine the typical car company, and maybe you’ll think of slick backed hair, pushy salespeople, and just an overall, unpleasant experience. Dolan is changing the way that the auto industry works by removing commission for their Product Specialists, or car sales experts. Many car salespeople depend on commission to put food on their table, but at Dolan, their Product Specialists are salary based.

Ashton elaborated on the Dolan way of treating their employees like family. “Our Product Specialists do not have to worry about commission. Instead, they can focus on fulfilling exactly what their customer needs. Without commission hanging over their heads, they can relax and help customers enjoy the car buy experience. It should be fun! It’s the second biggest purchase you make, besides a house. Taking commission out allows our product specialists to focus on just making the customer happy.”

And why does Dolan love sponsoring TEDx University of Nevada?

Ashton described her experience from attending last year’s event.

“When you are in an environment like TEDx, hearing from people all over the country, the world…it forces you to get outside of yourself. You are faced with the fact that there are so many things going on that you’ve never experienced. Hearing from other people is eye opening. It makes you feel humbled and curious. TEDx is a great way for me to get out of my day to day and hear how someone else’s life experience is so different from mine.”


We are honored to be sponsored by Northern Nevada community leaders such as Dolan Auto Group. For more information on becoming a TEDx University of Nevada sponsor, please contact Dr. Bret Simmons at or read more on the TEDx University of Nevada website here.

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