Behind the scenes of hostel life

My favorite question to ask hostel staff is "What's the strangest experience you've had working here?" 

My favorite question to ask hostel staff is “What’s the strangest experience you’ve had working here?”

I’ve heard disgusting stories, like in Vienna, when someone on the top bunk vomited onto a sleeping traveler on the bottom bunk. (Actually, that’s surprisingly common.) And I’ve heard beautiful stories, like how a hostel worker from big city Los Angeles fell in love with the small town of Cesky Krumlov.

But as for the strangest story I’ve heard- my hostel in Olomouc takes the cake. I know that yesterday I already wrote about the Cosy Corner Hostel (sorry). But this story was just too weird not to tell.

Found the hostel
One of the many hostels I stayed at in Europe. In this picture, I was pretty stoked to finally find the hostel after a long day of traveling.

Kevin, one of the staff workers, told the tale:

“So it was a few years ago, we’re sitting in the common room and there’s a girl in the bathroom putting on her makeup. She thought something smelled weird. She opened up the bathroom drawer and inside was a little shoebox with a dead fish.”

“We all went, How? Why? What? We were thinking, Did we have any guests pissed off or so? A few days earlier, there were these young Australian backpackers and we thought it might be them.”

“There’s a student bar here in town. We went there a few months after we found the dead fish, towards the end of the summer. They have a big aquarium at the bar and there was a fish swimming inside. We looked at the aquarium and thought to each other ‘At the beginning of the summer, weren’t there 2 fish in there?’ ”

“So they must have gotten drunk in the bar and decided to steal a fish. Which is already an amazing feat, if you’ve ever tried to catch a fish out of an aquarium. But I still don’t know, where in the middle of the night, you’d find a shoebox.”

Hostel workers have seen it all. Even dead fish. What’s your weirdest experience from staying in a hostel? Leave a reply!

Until next time- Saludos!

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