Do you believe in (pueblo) magic?

Magic towns, pueblo mágicos, are energetic or historical places around México.

Peña de Bernal, México really does have a magical feel to it. You know what I’m talking about, right? It’s that feeling you get when you walk into a sacred space, like a church, or roller kingdom.

Just kidding about roller kingdom. But if anyone wants to go…let me know….

But as for Peña de Bernal, it is true. You cannot help but feel the love here.

A young couple in Peña de Bernal. 

At first glance of this picture, it looks like there is a large mountain behind the couple. However, it is actually a huge rock, or monolith formation. Peña de Bernal was named un pueblo mágico, a magic town of México. The denomination “magic town” indicates a town where historical or unique events happened in México.

Check out my vlog from this awesome pueblito~

Take it as you like, but I definitely sense an energy about Peña de Bernal. Every year, locals hike to the tippy top of the monolith to plant crosses up there. You cannot see the crosses in any of my pictures because they are so far away.

This is no normal hike- it is extremely steep and slippery. I cannot imagine having to carry something as large as a cross up or down the mountain. I always need both hands to make the hike!

Last year, when I was visiting, I happened to buy a loved one a rock necklace that a local vendor was selling. The vendor told me that the rock contained the energy of the pueblo.

Honestly, I thought it was hooey. (Is hooey even a word? Anyway.) That day, it just so happened that the person I bought the necklace for was involved in a horrible accident and almost died. Throughout his healing process, the necklace was always very comforting for me, and he still wears it to this day.

The top of the mountain is thought to be an energetic point. Some people believe that UFOs have landed there. As for me, I have no idea.

However, I cannot deny that Peña de Bernal holds a special significance for me. To me, Peña represents the healing of my friend. It reminds me that we are all connected- I had no idea about his accident but happened to think of him when I saw the necklace.

When you visit Peña, be sure to try their gorditas. One of the best restaurants for gorditas there, especially for foreigners (won’t make you sick) is El Negrito Gorditas. You should also try their nieve ice cream, which is sold by local street vendors. Made from salt, ice, and exotic fruits from México, nieve is a delightful treat.

And of course, I would never leave you without my photos of this beautiful place:






What is your favorite thing to do in Peña de Bernal? The comments are yours 🙂

Until next time- Saludos!


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