Tequisquiapan, México, a magic town

My first post from the road: a photo and video journal of Tequisquiapan, Mexico.

Oye Caminantes!

This week I am visiting Querétaro, México. You might remember my article a few months ago which explains my involvement here. Long story short: the last two summers I have been working with an internship abroad program for engineers in México. This summer, I am here for one week to visit my Mexican friends and help with the program.

On Sunday, we went to Tequisquiapan, which is about 1 hour away from Querétaro, where I am staying. Tequisquiapan is known for its wine, cheese and gorditas de nata.

Check out my video blog from the day! Please forgive me, because I was not able to edit it. No fancy software on the road (sad face).

And here is my photo journal from the day:


In this photo are my Mexican friends Arturo and Hector. They may look like ordinary boys, but no, they are caballeros, which means gentlemen. Caballero is a cultural term for men who treat women with great respect. One central example is that in México, men should always walk on the street-side of the sidewalk, to protect women from harm. Treating people politely is central to Mexican culture.

Lucky for us, there was an amazing wine and cheese festival happening in Tequisquiapan when we visited. There were many local vendors there to teach us about their culinary crafts. A few of them were gracious enough to let the annoying tourist (me) take their pictures:

Cheese in Tequis

Wine Tequis

Goat cheese Mexico

México is so much more than the touristy spots that we often see on television. It is a hub of delicious food, polite culture, and beautiful architecture. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to visit the real México. These are only a few photos and I cannot wait to share more of my experiences here with you.

If you have any questions about where you should go in México, leave a reply to let me know.

Until next time- Saludos!

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