Golf: it’s not just for boring people

Contrary to popular belief, golf is fun.

I started seriously golfing when my friend Elise convinced me to join the lady golf team in high school. Before then, my grandpa always was big on golf, so I took a few scattered lessons growing up. But I never thought twice about it. Golf seemed like a boring-people sport.

When I joined my high school team almost 8 years ago, to be honest, I just wanted an after school activity. I was desperate for something to do while I waited my mom to pick me up after school ended. Elise was on the golf team, so we could hang out. She assured me that there was always a nearby clubhouse where we could grab sodas. Whatever, I’ll just do it, I thought.

Little did I know I would find one of my favorite activities, and (what I hope will be) a lifelong passion.

There are so many reasons why golf is a good idea.

Golf keeps kids out of trouble

This video is actual footage from my high school golf practice. Team bonding!

Sure, we aren’t actually “practicing golf” here. But you know what we also aren’t doing? Drugs. Or boys. You won’t find either of those at golf practice.

All sarcasm (and bad video quality) aside, golf is a dad’s dream. Are you in high school, and want your parents off your back? Golf. Show your dad that you’re having good, clean fun. This is especially relevant for girls.

Typical Father-Daughter Monologue After Daughter Joins Golf Team: 

Dad: “You need to text me every 5 minutes to tell me where you’re going and who you’re with.”

You: “Don’t worry, dad, I joined the high school golf team!”

*Dad realizes daughter will be away from boys/drugs, under adult supervision, and spending time outside*

Dad: “I will now leave you alone always and never question your activities! Golf on!”

So there you have it. Golf is a win-win for everyone.

Golf is “90% mental, 10% physical”

Or should I say, 90% mental, and then the next 10% is also mental?

Nothing makes me lose my mind like a bad shot on the golf course. The most important lesson golf taught me was mental strength. Now, after a “bad shot” in any context of my life, golf helps me recover quicker and make “my next shot” even better.

Golf taught me to chill out when things don’t go my way. Which is 90% of the time, and then 10% of the rest of the time! 😉

You will make the best friendships of your life

That cutie on the far left will be my roommate next year! Lifelong friendships through golf.

It is known far and wide that golf is not the most exciting sport to watch. I’ll be the first to admit it- there’s a lot of down time. On the bright side, you get to chat with your golf buddy. Golf is such a social sport.

From golfing, especially in high school, I made friends with my classmates, my coaches, and with girls from different golf teams around the state of Nevada. An added benefit of golf is that I can play it with my coworkers or anyone in my professional field. Golf is a lifelong sport, and a great way to maintain personal and professional relationships.

You will learn the importance of rules

There are so many little rules involved in golf. However frivolous, the rules are important to playing honestly.

girls golf
Play with integrity, or don’t play at all.

No matter which career you choose, rules are important. Personally, as an engineer, there are so many regulations that are imperative to follow, particularly with design. There is always “the right way” to do something. In this sport, if you don’t follow the rules, then you’re not even playing golf. You’re just hitting a ball around with no purpose. Golf taught me to play with integrity, or don’t play at all.

My recommendations for getting into golf in Northern Nevada:

No matter your age, you are likely fit enough to play golf. There is even adapted golf gear for disabled players. Young or old, give it a try! I will be honest, though: golf is a huge financial investment. It’s one of the most expensive sports you can play. However, it is a sport you can play for life, and use to grow professionally and personally.

Here’s the best ways to get in the golf game.

Start with lessons

Seriously. You WILL cry from frustration if you try to learn on your own. Whether it’s a group lesson with the First Tee of Northern Nevada or a lesson with a private swing coach, it’s worth it. Practice efficiently.

In the Reno area, Denise Mazzaferri has been my swing coach for years, and she is incredible. The Trevino Golf Institute (TGI) is also fantastic, and includes an indoor practice facility for their members. TGI is great for both individual and group lessons. I highly recommend both TGI and Denise.

You can find a PGA certified swing coach at almost any golf course in your area, or look online. Try talking to good golfers you see on the course and ask for their coach recommendation.

Find cheaper ways to play

Save money by choosing less popular tee times. For example, if you play on a weekday during twilight hours, it’s usually much less expensive than high time on Sunday morning. There are also many apps to help you find deals on tee times in your area. Try out TeeOff or GolfNow for discounted rates.

Or, opt-out of the cart and walk the course!

Join a tournament league 

Playing in tournaments is so fun! For high schoolers in Northern Nevada, I highly recommend Northern Nevada Junior Golf Association (NNJGA). I also advise high school aged players to join their school’s team. There are tournament leagues for all ages, look online for your area or ask your golf course if they have any options right for you.

No matter which tournament league you do, you will connect with people you wouldn’t meet otherwise. Also, participating in a league makes it more affordable to play a variety of different courses in your area. In high school, I played almost every course in Northern Nevada for a reduced fee through my tournament leagues.

What do you suggest for people just getting into golf? Leave a reply below to let us know!

Until next time- Saludos!

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