The world is too much with us

The only way to get rid of the world, is to be in it.

I’ve been trying to decide if it’s a good or bad thing that “the world is too much with us.” William Wordsworth wrote about this idea in the 1800s.

I honestly cannot possibly relate to what Mr. Wordsworth was talking about during his time. However, I do find it notable that over all these years, this was still a significant problem that people faced. Heck, they didn’t even have cell phones at the time.

At this time every year, the world gets a little too much with me. I’m from Reno- born and raised. I’m a proud Nevada alum. Every time May runs around, it gets a little more difficult for me to breathe in Reno. As for problems, I feel lucky that this is mine. Sometimes my paranoia creeps in that the worse thing is crouching in the shadows, waiting for the perfect time to strike.

For me at least, the only way to get rid of the world is by leaving it behind for a little. I’ve tried to sum into words why I need to get out. I lack the proper diction to do the job.

I get all slumped up from constantly getting and spending. Day in, day out, give me this, you get that. Here’s what I’ll get eventually. Pay now or pay later.

Check my cellphone, serotonin boost. My phone vibrates, oh, nope, that was all in my head. The world is too much with me.

Pictures ruin the moment. Looking through the lens. The world is too much with me.

Honestly, every decision that I’ve ever made revolves around my desire to get out of here again. I don’t date much, or if I do, there’s the tick, tock, tick in my head deciding how long it will last. I seek part-time work so I don’t have to commit to something that will keep me here permanently. I’m flabbergasted by people who buy a house. I can’t think of anything that would ground you more than a picket fence. Each stake buried deep in the ground, just like your ability to up and out.

And don’t be fooled- I’m absurdly aware of the flaws in this logic. Perhaps that’s why I try to stifle my remarks about a past place when I’m in the present. I can get a little like a broken record.

But the only way to get rid of the world, is to be in it.

The most meaningful present I ever received was a homemade birthday cake from Marielos. She was my Spanish teacher when I lived in Costa Rica. Marielos earned $10 a day from her humble teaching job. She spent her entire day’s earnings to bake that small cake for me, surprising me in class.

The joy of that afternoon cannot be expressed in words, but it can in the feelings of heat rushing to cheeks, a soft hug that lasted too long. I couldn’t let go.

To find each other and to feel, that is the purpose of life.

And that’s why I travel. The world teaches me that getting and spending does not have to be my reality. Nature is clarity. True joy is in giving. We can still look through our eyes instead of the camera lens.

The World Is Too Much With Us
by William Wordsworth

The world is too much with us; late and soon, 
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;— 
Little we see in Nature that is ours; 
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon! 
This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon; 
The winds that will be howling at all hours, 
And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers; 
For this, for everything, we are out of tune; 
It moves us not. Great God! I’d rather be 
A Pagan suckled in a creed outworn; 
So might I, standing on this pleasant lea, 
Have glimpses that would make me less forlorn; 
Have sight of Proteus rising from the sea; 
Or hear old Triton blow his wreathèd horn.

How do you leave the world behind? Leave a reply to let me know.

A big thank you to my dear friend Rosemary for the inspiration behind today’s post. 🙂

Until next time- Saludos!

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